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Biobed or Bio Bunkbed?


Bio Bunkbed (filter) System

These two systems use the same basic concept, work in a similar way but are suited to different types of farm layouts.


A Bio Filter is generally smaller in area than a Bio Bed and is normally built above ground. They are both used to treat non-hazardous pesticides. The liquid is pushed through the biomix contained in the Biobed or Biofilter, and the end results water, containing minimal pesticide residue, which can be used for land irrigation and other activities.

There are two options when installing a biobed; Indirect Biobed, also known as Offset, or Direct Biobed, also known as drive over.


Indirect biobeds are adjacent to the sprayer filling area and need pumps to move the drained pesticide run off through the biomix. This system allows complete control over the distribution of the liquid allowing the full surface area of the Biobed to be utilised by using a drip irrigation system. If your sprayer filling area is already a concrete bunded pad, this could be adapted for use with an indirect Biobed. Talk to our advisors to find out.

Direct Biobeds have the sprayer parked, washed and filled over a mesh grid which is positioned on top of the biobed pit. It is a very effective system as it intercepts all spills dips and washings however most current facilities aren’t suitable to be modified for the direct system, so a new construction is probable.

A Bio Bunkbed, also known as a Biofilter, is a well suited system for smaller operations or where there is less than 15000 Litres being passed through the system each year. The concept is the same as the biobed system, but the Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s) are used as the impermeable lining. A small pump would be required to direct the liquid to the first Bio Bunkbed container at the top; a detailed map of the system layout is available on request.


Current fill areas can be adapted

Control distribution of collected liquid

Catches all spills and splashes from washing

Uses gravity to filtrate the biomix; no pump


Allows new construction of filling area if old

one is unsuitable

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Suitable if biobed needs to be in different

location to fill area

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Suitable for smaller systems

Easy to refresh biomix once exhausted

Contained in a smaller area


Cheaper to install than a Biobed


Suitable for indoor sprayer fill areas

Interactive Biobeds

View our interactive Biobed feature, and explore how a biobed is put together and more information about what a biobed is.