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How to buy...

You've read all the information, and you've decided that a biobed is perfect for your farm.  Excellent!


You have two options when it comes to purchasing your biobed; apply for a grant or purchase outright.


We've outlined the details below, highlighting exactly what is required for each step!

Purchasing a Biobed without the use of a government grant:

If your farm is looking to become more environmentally efficient but may not want to wait for a successful grant application, you will still be able to purchase and install a biobed or bio bunkbed following these easy steps:

Read the Environment Agency’s guidance on Agricultural Waste Exemptions & T32 exemption form.

Apply for a T32 and U10 (spreading of exhausted biomix) exemption here :

A letter will be sent confirming your registration.

Refer to the EA’s ‘Disposing of Agricultural waste on a Biobed’ document. This will give a comprehensive outline of the activities you’ll need to complete in order to install your biobed.

Complete the ‘what size’ feature to calculate the amount of liner you’ll need to complete the job.

Phone us at Biobeds on 01553 819590 and let us know what you need.

Complete the order and have you biobed delivered free of charge, complete with full instruction kit and full support from our service team if you need help.








Waste Exemptions T32 Form Disposing of Agricultural Waste Apply for T32 & U10 What Size