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Installation & Maintenance

We’ll help you with the installation of your biobed by providing breakdowns of each section of the filter system, as well as maintenance tips to make sure you don’t make an expensive, or dangerous mistakes once you’ve installed your bed.

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Regularly clear the sediment which accumulates in the silt trap; to ensure that there is no build-up of liquid trying to pass through to the Biobeds.


Access onto the filling area should be restricted to sprayers only as contaminated vehicles can move pesticides off the site and pollute surrounding areas.


Any soil deposited on the fill area should be collected and spread on the surface of the biobed.


Regularly check for cracks or faults developing in the concrete and have them repaired immediately to reduce the impact of potential pollution.


Keep a maintenance log to monitor what activities were completed, and when.

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Turf Condition

For Biobeds; check the condition of the turf at regular intervals. If there is poor growth or prolonged periods of no irrigation or rain, the turf will have to be watered.

Annual Top up

Over time the biomix will decompose and compact through gravity. To ensure effective performance, a minimum depth of 1m must be maintained. A top up of fresh biomix is required every year.

Pump operation

Test the pump operation by checking the float switch operation.  

Drip irrigation

Check for damage or leaks throughout the irrigation system. If there is a period of heavy rainfall, the pesticide runoff may have to be stored in a tank and then manually pumped through the bed to ensure it doesn’t become logged. We are able to provide you with suitable storage tanks if needed.

Cold weather provision

Try and limit surface pipe runs when installing the bed as much as possible. Any surface pipes should be insulated with waterproof pipe.                          

Biomix replacement

Biomix needs to be replaced every 5 years. Be careful when changing the mix that the IBC or liner isn’t damaged. Carry out a full inspect of the bed to make sure it is in good condition.

Exhausted Biomix

Once you have had your system in place for 5 years, the biomix will need to be replaced. The used biomix will need to be stored and meet the following requirements:


10m away from surface water or clean water drain


250m away from springs, wells or boreholes


Stored for a min of 12months and max of 36 months


No more than 50 cubic meters to be stored at once


Storing the mix under waterproof sheeting to reduce run-off


If stored on impermeable ground, run-off should be collected & dispersed on vegetative land which isn’t frozen or water logged


If stored in a field, it mustn’t be a risk to surface or ground water


Keep a record of your storage arrangements

What Size?

Use our useful tool to find out what liner size you need for your biobed!



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