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What size should my Biobed be?

tractor widthbb lengthbb


Width of Liner

Length of Liner


Sprayer Fill Area

What size liner do I need?

Biobed Sizing

The developing science of Biobed technology suggests that activity is the most effective with Biobeds 0.8-1.0m deep.  A surface area of 5m x 4m was used in the UK farm scale research which was linked to a concrete intercept area of 35m2. Essentially this suggests a ratio of 1m2 loading area to 0.6m2.  


Whilst two years study did not identify problems with this ratio, there could be benefit in using a 1:1 ratio between the loading area and the Biobed.  The Biobed suggested as being included within a lined pit, excavated to minimise soil movement, i.e. with side slopes of 30-35º dependent on soil type.  It may be possible to include the Biobed material in an above ground tank with suitable contained drainage but this will definitely need pumped transfer.

Value of A = A : Total width of bunded Sprayer Fill Area x 0.6


Value of B = B : Total length of bunded Sprayer Fill Area x 0.6


= Liner size W x L in Mtrs



A : Total Width of  Bunded Sprayer Fill / washdown area


B : Total Length of  Bunded Sprayer Fill / washdown area

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